santa fe

2022 Revolution Residency, Santa Fe Art Institute [May 2022]


“The Visit,” Black Warrior Review, Print Issue 47.2 [Sept 2021]

2020 Black Warrior Review Fiction Contest Runner-Up [2020]


“Unlade,” The Nasiona Community Reading Series Performance [12 Dec 2020]

Artist-in-Residence, Great Smoky Mountains National Park [Oct 2020]


“slip” & “remember,” Empty Mirror, PRIDE Issue [26 Jun 2020]

“Red South,” New South Journal, Print Issue 13.1 [Spring 2020]

Master of Fine Arts in Fiction, Portland State University [11 Jun 2020]

Tom and Phyllis Burnam Graduate Poetry Scholarship [2020]

“Unlade,” The Nasiona, Issue 18 [01 Apr 2020]

Diversity Action Council: Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Faculty Committee Member, Portland State University [2020]

“Red South,” Filament Reading Series Performance [20 Sept 2019]

co-Editor in Chief, Portland Review [2019-2020]

Student Health Advisory Board Member, Portland State University [2019-2020]

Tom Doulis Graduate Fiction Writing Award [2019]

“From the Riot Grrrl Movement to Sappho: A Review of Mother Winter by Sophia Shalmiyev” Portland Review [24 Jan 2019]

“Luck,” Filament Reading Series Performance [13 Oct 2018]

Editorial Assistant, Portland Review [2018]


Down On The Other Street Vol III.  Self-Published [22 Jun 2017]

“Your Activism Might Be Bullsh@!: A non-definitive guide,”  Philadelphia Printworks
[20 Jul 2016]

Down On The Other Street Vol II. Self-Published [13 Apr 2015]


Down On the Other Street: Vol I Self Published [27 Jul 2014]

“Don’t Settle For Just Dating Anyone,” Thought Catalog [24 Jul 2014]

“So You Cheated. Now What?”  Thought Catalog [13 Mar 2014]

“Let’s Stop Pretending We Want True Love,” Thought Catalog [26 Feb 2014]


Burn It. Self-Published [29 Jul 2013]

AmeriCorps Vista [2012-2013]
cited out of respect & love for the fight for Paid Sick Leave


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Minor in English, University of Dayton [17 Dec 2011]

Alpha Kappa Delta, International Honor Society of Sociology, Inductee, University of Dayton [Apr 2011 ]